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Sustainability at the Heart of Blessingbourne

sustainable practices at blessingbourne

Simply put, Blessingbourne wouldn’t be Blessingbourne without the rich biodiversity and unspoilt rural landscape where we are located.

That is why we place a huge emphasis on the sustainability of the estate that we call home. Not only are we trying to protect our local heritage and wildlife, but also protecting the environment of our planet on a wider scale.

Here, we break down the measures we take to protect our biodiversity and how we encourage our visitors to act on their holiday at Blessingbourne.


Solar Panels: 30% of our electricity output on the estate is run by renewable energy. We have plans to expand our solar energy in the future to reduce our carbon footprint further.

Woodchip Boiler: 65% of the estate’s heating energy is run by our woodchip boiler. This includes running the district heating system on the estate, the main historic house and 4 of the courtyard self-catering apartments.

Numerous Wood Burners:  Any wood from wind-fallen trees grown on the estate is recycled and used to fuel our wood-burning stoves in the main Manor House some of our accommodation and Coach House.

solar panels aiding sustainability at blessingbourne

Recycling and Waste:

Each apartment has individual bins for food waste, recycling and landfill. We encourage all of our visitors to separate their waste carefully.

Shopping Local:

We are keen to shop locally and encourage all our guests and visitors to do so supporting our local community and small businesses.

Our hampers are made up of locally sourced produce such as homemade wheaten bread and jam.

We encourage all our visitors to take a short walk into Fivemiletown and support the local community. You will find many bars, cafes, eateries, boutiques and shops to satisfy your needs.

We regularly highlight what is on offer in Fermanagh and Tyrone, promoting other businesses and attractions.

Check out our blog section for inspiration, with examples including Things You Must Do In Fermanagh, Pet-Friendly Ideas in Fermanagh, and the Best Dog Walking Trails in Tyrone and Fermanagh.

Wildlife and Biodiversity:

As custodians of a 550-acre estate, we strive to maintain the natural habitat and biodiversity while educating our guests to enjoy and respect the plant and animal life.

We encourage visitors to follow the Leave No Trace principles by caring for the environment and others on their visits.

Our wildlife at Blessingbourne, including various birds, Sika deer, red squirrels, pine martin, coarse fish and otters, are our pride and joy. We respect their habitat and ensure that all visitors do so too.

pine martin in lake

Ground Maintenance:

We use rechargeable electrical equipment to maintain our gardens and woodlands sustainably.

biodiversity at blessingbourne

Any questions about our Sustainability practices?

Feel free to discuss any aspects of our sustainable practices by contacting us today. We would love to hear your feedback.

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