Things to do at Blessingbourne

Blessingbourne’s Gardens

Blessingbourne Estate spans 550 acres of mature woodland and fairy-tale forests, where you can enjoy a peaceful escape in the beautiful blossoms or a fun and exciting run around the twisted branches in our forest walks.

Arriving at Blessingbourne House you can take in the sights of the large mature Yew trees and Holm oak standing proud at the front of the manor house. The tranquil location is complimented by delightful gardens featuring a terrace, lawns and borders with sunken garden. Go for a stroll around the 4km walk through our nature reserve to fully appreciate the gardens and forest walks around the Estate. The twisted branches and trees scattered throughout our forest walks make beautiful arches and add to the magical feel of our Estate.

In June 2016 the Lowry family were delighted to open the ‘gardens’ at their home in support of The Ulster Gardens Scheme, which was established to raise funds to support work in gardens cared for by the National Trust in Northern Ireland.

Walking around the beautiful blossoming Gardens at our Estate will no doubt inspire you to add to your own garden! What better way to gain inspiration and ideas for expanding your garden and adding a pop of colour.

Victorian Rock Garden

The unique Victorian Rock garden dates back to the 18th Century and the creation of Mary Montgomery and Hugh

The remnants of this beautiful reminder of the History surrounding this Historic Estate withholds its old world charm and character. Huge Gunnera plants were originally pride of place in this garden when is was first created and you can still view Gunnera plants all over the Estate to this day.

The space in which the Rock Garden covers was originally a wood, several trees were left remaining in order to shelter the Garden from the North and East winds to allow the plants and flowers to grow undisturbed.

Sunken Garden

The Sunken Garden was created by Angela Lowry in the mid 80’s, with the help of her husband Captain Lowry and Hughie McMahon. It has grown to be a popular addition and often highlighted in the beautiful Wedding photography taken on the Estate

Memory Garden

The Memory Garden is the most recent addition to Blessingbourne’s grounds and was developed to commemorate the American Army who were based at Blessingbourne during the Second World War. The central feature of this part of the garden is the impressive oak tree now flourishing and standing proud looking down on the private lough Fadda.

Fairy Tree

It is well known that the Irish love their fairy stories! We are proud that our Estate is home to our very own historic Fairy Tree!

Guests on the Estate should make sure to visit this unique nod to Irish folk lore. Hawthorne Trees are amongst Ireland’s most ancient and can live to be 400 years old, you can often spot a lone Hawthorne tree on a road or in a field by itself across Ireland and Northern Ireland as it is considered very bad luck to disturb the inhabitants.

Our Fairy tree is particularly beautiful during spring when it blossoms, but please do not be tempted to take a blossom with you, as it is bad luck to bring them inside the house.

We can’t guarantee that you will meet a fairy whilst on our Estate but we have had many guests who have felt a mischievous presence whilst walking near our fairy tree, so make sure you keep your eyes open, as the wee folk are known to disappear when you blink!

Private Lough Fadda

When exploring our fairy-tale forest walks and strolling around the Estate you will often find yourself taking in stunning views of our private lough fadda. Popular with fishermen and boating enthusiasts this tranquil lough is beautifully calm and adds a certain serene backdrop for many of our Gardens.

Dog Friendly

All of our Self catering Courtyard apartments are pet friendly so our guests often bring their four legged family members on holiday with them! All of our Gardens and walks are dog friendly and we encourage our guests to take your pets our to enjoy the blossoming gardens along with you, we have no doubt that they will enjoy stopping to smell the roses just as much as you do.