Things to do at Blessingbourne

Carriage and Costume Museum

Captain Robert Lowry, father of our current Estate owner Nicholas, inherited the Estate from Peter Montgomery. Over his years living on the Estate, Captain Robert Lowry’s hobby of collecting vintage style transport flourished. His collection includes horse drawn Carriages, coaches, buggies as well as a wide variety of other vintage transport. This has now grown into our very own Carriage and costume museum. This unique collection is always a fascination among our guests. Who are always thrilled to hear the stories attached to these interesting antiques.  

Blessingbourne’s fascinating costume and carriage museum gives visitors an insight into the rich history of the estate. It is home to a unique collection of original carriages and coaches, buggies and penny farthings. As well as. a genuine Romany caravan, old horse drawn farm machinery, and even a UN helicopter transport, to name a few.

Bertram W Mills, Stagecoach

Among the numerous coaches on display is an 1825 London Oxford stagecoach, once owned by Bertram W Mills, the famous circus owner. After serving as a Captain in World War 1, Bertram W Mills developed an interest in the “Wilkins and Young Circus”. He made a wager with a friend that he could form a circus company and within a year be better than “Wilkins and Young”. He did just that and thus the “Bertram Mills International Circus” was in creation. With Guests as prestigious as the Royal Family! Who were great supporters and attended every year, as well as Winston Churchilll who frequented the famous circus! Bertram W Mills’ Oxford Stagecoach is now a very unique part of Blessingbourne’s private collection.

This collection is complimented by various family military items and Victorian costumes and heirlooms, for instance.

Get a glimpse into the lives of those who lived and worked on the estate. Through browsing the collection of anecdotes, household ephemera and details of real people’s lives down through the ages.

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