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Best Dog Walking Trails in Fermanagh and Tyrone

Florencecourt Dog Walking Trail - National Trust

Fermanagh and Tyrone are home to some of the most beautiful, scenic dog walking trails, offering you and your furry friend the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and enjoy being out in the fresh countryside air.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best dog walking trails in Fermanagh and Tyrone, so grab your leash and let’s get started!

Fermanagh and Tyrone’s Top Dog Walks

Ely Lodge Forest Trail

Ely Lodge Forest Dog Walking Trail in Fermanagh

Lough Navar Forest Walk – Image Credits Fermanagh Lakelands

Ely Lodge Forest Trail is located on the shores of Lower Lough Erne and offers a picturesque setting for a dog walk.

The trail takes you through a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, which provides ample opportunities for your dog to explore and enjoy the surrounding smells of the forest.

The lower part of the walk at Carrickreagh Jetty is relatively flat and easy to navigate, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages.

The hillside forest is a steep climb so it can be slightly more challenging but it is well worth it for the view at Carrickreagh Viewpoint where you can catch a wonderful view of Lower Lough Erne from the wooden hut.

Throughout the route, you’ll catch glimpses of Lough Erne, and you can even take a detour to visit the historic Ely Lodge, a 19th-century country house.

Blessingbourne Walking Trails

Blessingbourne Country Estate - Pet Friendly

Our very own dog walking trails on our estate in Fivemiletown are ideal for families and nature lovers.

This gentle, countryside trail will take you around our private lakes and dense, natural woodland full of wildlife.

On your dog walk you might be lucky to spot some rare red squirrels that have taken up residence on the estate and other animals such as our horses, cows and of course, our dogs.

Blessingbourne’s accommodation is pet-friendly so if travelling from afar and need somewhere to rejuvenate after your adventures, you won’t have to leave our estate!

Lough Navar Forest Trails

Lough Navar Forest Walk

Image Credits Walk NI

The Lough Navar Forest Trails are another excellent option for dog walkers in Fermanagh and Tyrone.

There are a variety of trails to choose from that take you through the beautiful Lough Navar Forest, where you can experience the stunning natural beauty of the region.

The trails are moderately difficult and suitable for dogs and families. Along the trails, you’ll see a variety of trees, wildlife, and breathtaking views of Lough Erne and the surrounding countryside.

The pinnacle of your trip to Lough Navar will be the view from Magho Viewpoint.

One of the most picturesque views in all of Ireland awaits as you will enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area including a jaw-dropping, birdseye view of Lower Lough Erne and see as far away as Donegal, Sligo and Tyrone.

Castle Archdale Country Park

Castle Archdale Walk

Image Credits Discover NI

Castle Archdale Country Park is a great place to take your dog for a stroll.

The park is located on the shores of Lower Lough Erne taking you through picturesque woodlands and along the lakeshore.

This is a lovely, leisurely dog walking trail in Fermanagh thanks to its flat terrain and historic sites on view such as the remnants of the 17th-century castle.

Gortin Glen Forest Park

Gortin Glen Forest Walking Trail for Dogs Tyrone

Images Credits Discover NI

Gortin Glen Forest Park is located in Tyrone and is a beautiful place to take your dog for a walk.

The park features several walking trails, including a 1 km park trail along the lower reaches to a challenging 7 km Mullaghcarn Trail that takes you to the highest point within the park.

Along the way, you’ll see various wildlife, including deer and red squirrels, and amazing natural beauty such as the magnificent waterfall on the Pollan Trail.

The BBQ areas and play park make Gortin Glen Forest Park a big hit with families.

Knockmany Forest

Knockmany forest bluebells - Tyrone Dog Walking Trail

Image Credits Walk NI

Knockmany Forest, located in Augher which is only a short 10-minute drive from Blessingbourne, is the hidden gem amongst our dog walking tracks.

This trail is suitable for everyone as you have the choice of a peaceful stroll with your pooch around the forest and lake, or you can decide to be brave and climb to the summit to take in the incredible views of the surrounding areas.

Knockmany Forest is also steeped in rich ancient history as it is home to Anya’s Tomb.

This ancient burial monument can be viewed on your walk and its stones are decorated with rare megalithic art. Legend has it that this was the home of a well-known hero, Finn McCool.

National Trust Estates – Crom, Castle Coole and Florencecourt

Florencecourt: Dog Walking Trails in Fermanagh and Tyrone

Image Credits National Trust

3 of the most popular and scenic places to take your dog in Fermanagh are the National Trust Estates. All 3 locations have their unique beauty.

At the closest estate to Blessingbourne, Crom in Newtownbutler, you can expect plenty of ancient natural woodland, historic ruins and amazing wildlife including the resident deer.

Visitors to Florencecourt can enjoy the stunning 18th-century Georgian mansion,  surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodland.

Those looking for a challenge can walk the longer red trail that’s approximately 9km and takes you on a loop around the estate, through the forests and back to the house and gardens.

The shorter blue trail, 3.5km long, stays close to the gardens and house but has equally stunning views of trees, streams and flower gardens.

Last but not least, is Castle Coole in Enniskillen.

This is a lovely walk for you and your dog where you will see the famous bluebells in Spring, relax on the bench overlooking the still, calming Lough Coole and loop around the magnificent 18th-century mansion at the heart of the estate.


Fermanagh and Tyrone offer a wealth of stunning natural landscapes perfect for dog walking. Whether you prefer a stroll through a picturesque forest or a challenging hike up a mountain, there’s a trail in this region perfect for you and your furry friend.

If you’re planning a holiday in Fermanagh or Tyrone be sure to check out our top pet-friendly ideas in Fermanagh and our reasons to bring your pet on holiday blog.

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