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10 Reasons to Bring Your Pet on Holiday

Black labrador on holiday at Blessingbourne

At Blessingbourne we can’t imagine a holiday without our pets and we are delighted to see that more and more of our guests are of the same mindset. Here on the estate we love meeting our guests and their furry friends, but we understand that when planning a holiday not every accommodation option offers a welcoming embrace for your four legged family members.

Pets are always welcome at Blessingbourne and fortunately, there are many other benefits to bringing your cat, dog, or whatever pet you may have on your trip. Here, we reveal our top 10 reasons to bring your pet on holiday – enjoy.

The Top 10 Reasons to Bring Your Pet on HolidayBlack labrador on holiday at Blessingbourne

1. Keep your step count high (then you can eat more!)

We can’t be the only ones checking our steps daily on our smartwatches, can we? When you bring your dog on holiday you have no excuse not to be hitting your target goal each day. All these extra steps and exercise are a great excuse to let yourself go and eat to your heart’s content on your vacation!

2. Embrace the outdoors

There are so many amazing local attractions outside the UK and Ireland. Bringing your dog on holiday encourages you to get out and visit our amazing parks, lakeside views and historic landmarks.

For example, at Blessingbourne you can walk around our scenic trails and take in the views of Lough Fadda and the many beautiful trees and flowers. Our part of the country has many other wonderful outdoor attractions such as National Trust Estates like Crom, which is a fantastic place to walk your dog and view historic landmarks.

dog jumping in lough fadda

3. Your pet loves holidays too

Pets, dogs especially, love exploring new places so there’s no doubt that they enjoy a good holiday too!

4. Less guilt

We’ve all felt that guilt when we leave the house and see the sad look on our pet’s faces when they know they are being left behind! Next time you don’t need to feel that way – just book some pet-friendly accommodation and free yourself of that guilt.

Black labrador at legs of owner

5. Save money from pet kennels

Kennels or home boarding can cost anything between £15 – £27 per day on average in the UK. That’s one cost you won’t have to worry about when you bring them along. Plus, most pet-friendly holiday homes or hotels generally only charge a one-off fee of, like at Blessingbourne where we charge a small fee of £20 for your stay.

6. You won’t need to find a sitter

Being able to rely on family, friends and neighbours to look after your pets while you are on holiday is great but sometimes we do feel guilty asking. You won’t have to worry about this the next time you book a triGolden Retriever beside lake -Reasons to Bring Your Pet on holidayp away.

Golden Retriever beside lake -Reasons to Bring Your Pet on holiday

7. You will have more company

We treat our pets like our family and love to be in their company. Why not extend that out to when on your holidays too? Just imagine – sitting up in front of the TV at our 5* Gate Lodge, the stove burning and your dog cuddled up next to you on the sofa? There can’t be much better company than that.

8. Meet new people – pets are great conversation starters

People just love to talk about their own pets, which makes them a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Head out for an evening stroll and you are sure to bump into other dog owners – stop and say hello next time. The locals in Fivemiletown, Tyrone and Fermanagh are the friendliest bunch, even if we say so ourselves!

9. Keep the kids busy

We know how difficult it can be to keep the kids entertained when on holiday. Over the years we have found that having a pet with you can keep them entertained as they can play with them throughout the day and go explore the surrounding areas on walks. This gives you more time to relax and kick your feet up.

10. You won’t miss them

If you are as attached to your pets as us, then you definitely miss them when you travel. This doesn’t need to be the case when you bring them along and let them join in all the fun.

Next time you are planning a vacation, bring your pet on holiday with you and see for yourself how much fun it can be. If you’re planning a trip to Northern Ireland then be sure to check out the luxury pet-friendly, self-catering accommodation and walking trails at Blessingbourne Estate.

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