News  |  February 1st, 2016

Red Squirrel’s at Blessingbourne

Red Squirrel's

Red squirrel’s are the only squirrel native to the UK. Once widespread throughout the island of Ireland our red squirrel population is currently confined to a few strongholds throughout the province. Habitat loss and the invasion of the non-native grey squirrel are the main driving factors behind the decline of the charismatic red squirrel.

Red squirrels are a native and important component of our native woodland fauna and are responsible for many important services that help to create healthy woodlands. Red squirrels are often important for the natural regeneration of woodland. They quite often create caches of nuts which they bury for to eat later on. However they quite often forget about where these caches are which consequently encourages tree growth.

Blessingbourne is proud to be home to a family of Red Squirrel’s. These little show offs can be seen running all over the Estate! See if you can spot one the next time you visit!


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